Virtual Reality Gaming

– You don’t think they’re going to notice my super cool Band-Aid, right? Hey guys, this is Austin This is the Oculus Rift, and huge shout out to Oculus for sponsoring this video

It is mostly thanks to the Rift, the VR even exists today But what is virtual reality? People have been experimenting with VR experiences dating all the way back to the 50s, where things were, let’s just say, a little more creative than they are today Now you can fast forward to the 90s where Nintendo launched the Virtual Boy This wonderful headset, which spectacularly crashed and burned But, how does VR actually work? As Core virtual reality is all about giving you the most immersive experience possible

So think the holodeck from Star Trek and not the TV on your wall Now, that TV is a good example of what VR just isn’t Sure, with both of them you can watch video and play games, but with a TV, you’re limited by the size of that panel Where as with virtual reality, no matter where you look, as long as you have that headset on, you are completely immersed The Virtual Boy achieved this with some pretty basic tech

It uses a pair of single color displays, and two mirrors to flip back and forth incredibly fast, to give you a decent 3D effect But, being limited by 1995 technology meant that this was not a true VR experience Back in 2011, the first prototype for the Rift was completed, duct tape and all Now, what made this special, was that for the first time, a head-mounted display was paired with not only a 90 degree field of view that was wide enough to look convincing, but also motion tracking, to allow you to move your head in real life and translate it into the game You know, like in real life when I move my head left and right, the world stays with me

I remember back in 2013, where I first got to try not only an early prototype of the Rift, but also of EVE: Valkyrie I put the headset on, and I was transported into a cockpit of a spaceship, and a giant dog fight in the middle of space It was seriously one of the impressive tech moments I have ever seen Right afterwards, I walked out of the demo room, pulled my phone out, and pre-ordered my own Oculus dev kit Don’t get me wrong though, at this point, the tech was still very early

One of the biggest issues with the first dev kit was its fairly low resolution of 1280 by 800 It was enough to get the idea across, but the actual level of detail was really low at this point Fast forward to 2017, and VR as a whole has seen some huge improvements So take the Rift, for example Now, it has a pair of super high resolution 1080 by 1200 displays

One per eye We have a faster 90 hertz refresh rate, paired with being based on OLED, which eliminates a lot of the earlier issues with smoothness and persistence, which is important When the goal is total immersion, even a little stutter in a game can cause you to be totally ripped out of the experience There is a lot more tech inside, though The Rift headset is filled with infrared tracking dots, which paired with the sensor that it comes with, is able to track your head in full 3D space with a lot more detail than the original dev kit

Well there are some headsets, like PlayStation VR, which take advantage of a console, or things like Gear VR which actually use a mobile device, such as your smartphone, to be able to power them With the Oculus Rift, you are using a PC to power it There are several advantages here Most notably, you can have a ton of graphics horsepower to push not only the graphics, but also to keep that performance stable All of this tech is great, but the controllers are also important

Now, the Oculus does support the standard Xbox One game pad, which is fine for some games, but what really stands out, are the Oculus touch controllers You can think of these as an evolution of the original Wii remote Sure, they do have motion tracking, but what’s more impressive, is the fact that these will fully positionally track your hands, which will actually allow you to put your hands inside the games This is important A lot of games, such as The Climb, will use hand tracking in combination with the buttons to simulate actually climbing a cliff

It’s a neat effect, and can do a lot to add to the immersion And immersion really is the key to making sure the VR feels right So, you might be okay with a little glitch or stutter when you’re playing on a PC monitor, but when it comes to VR, you’re essentially tricking your brain into thinking that the game world is real There’s essentially no margin for error One of my favorite VR games is Job Simulator

This is a great example of how the touch controllers work So, you can see that my hands are completely one to one in the game If I reach over and pick up this cartridge, drop it in, it feels very realistic When you pair the Rift with the touch controllers, it really does give you an immersive experience So, when I look around this office building, it feels like I’m actually here

I can walk around I can move my head I can pick things up And it just feels right Plus, it lets you do some cool stuff like say, copy some resumes, just drop it on the copy machine, hit that, I can start brewing some coffee, start hitting buttons on my keyboard, answer the phone

I mean, this stuff is really cool It really does feel so natural, so simple I don’t even have to think about it I can just literally just reach over, hit something, done Next, we have Superhot VR

So, I have to stand very still, because as I move, time will actually start playing, and have to dodge it Okay, here we go, and, nope, no Get out of the way of that one And, grab it Grab it

Boom Dude, this is so much fun It is easy to forget, that just over eight years ago, consumer headsets like the Rift, weren’t even a thing, and this really only went on sale a year ago So there is a long way to go But, if you have not experienced virtual reality, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give it a try

So, what do you guys think about VR? Let me know on the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one

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