VR Archery: Why Personal VR is Failing

You silently lift up your weapon and aim. In your hands is the best compound bow available, and it glows blue as you quietly draw back an explosive tipped arrow to eliminate a nearby enemy.

In the recently released virtual reality game, Twisted Arrow, events like this are what make up a majority of gameplay. Players can teleport around a map, shooting arrows at waves of aggressive enemy combatants.

The gameplay is exciting, fun, but, ultimately, neither revolutionary nor fresh.

Archery and shooting games are beginning to oversaturate the increasingly stagnate VR industry. Games simply reuse the same gameplay concepts and don’t really offer anything new beyond a different graphical style.

This is because current VR controls are far less flexible than traditional controllers and keyboards, essentially preventing the game creation industry from being innovative. In addition, VR game development is expensive, and sales are never a guarantee in any market.

On the consumer side, prohibitive costs coupled with the lack of game variety has ground VR system sales to a halt. As the wave of “first adopters” received their VR systems, demand fell and a majority of gamers do not appear to be interested in owning a VR system.

As it turns out, archery games among other things are just a microcosm of everything wrong with VR. The games are undoubtedly fun, but don’t offer anything beyond gameplay meant to simulate real life action.

There are no sweeping storylines and unique gameplay concepts like those found in traditional PC and console games. Instead, there is the same gameplay every time: look around and shoot at bad guys who surround you.

Games always involve looking around and using your hands to kill bad guys. It is the natural result of only having a headset and hand-tracking controllers to play VR games with. Things like running, jumping, driving, flying and a variety of gameplay mechanics found in traditional games are impossible to properly implement with such controls.

VR systems are going the way of arcades rather than revolutionizing the personal gaming industry as everyone thought they would. Some people will own their own VR systems, but a majority will just visit the VR arcades (called holodecks) that are becoming increasingly common.

Business is booming for VR arcades as they provide space — something often lacking in personal homes — and cheaper prices than buying a VR system. This means that players can run and jump through levels, bringing VR gameplay to an entirely new level.

Ultimately, VR is a form of active entertainment that is best played running and ducking around a room, flailing your arms as you fan arrows at virtual enemies. Unless you have a mansion or a free empty room, personal VR can’t provide the hours of interesting gameplay that a VR arcade can.

4 Alternatives to the iPhone 8 You Might Want to Consider

Not sure if you should get the latest model of Apple’s iPhone series? With the coming iPhone 8 likely to cost more than many are willing to pay, there are other options of luxury to consider. In this guide, we will discuss some of the top phones that may have more quality status than the iPhone.

Here 4 alternatives to the iPhone 8 you might want to consider.

Samsung Note 7

While Samsung gained a poor reputation after the Note7’s overheating problem, the Note 8 promises to provide a better experience with larger screens for less than the price of the iPhone 8. The Note 8 comes fully equipped with a stylus quality camera and a fingerprint sensor. Its OLED display will easily compare to sheer competition to Apple’s market line.

Hydrogen one

While the Hydrogen One won’t be available until the beginning of 2018, it might be a great smartphone to wait for. Made by the same company that created the Red Camera, this Android phone is proven to have the best camera ever used on a phone. The Hydrogen One also has a 3D display that won’t require glasses. This smartphone option is for anyone who wants to take professional pictures while on the go.

Pixel 2 XL

Google’s Pixel2 is quite smaller than the iPhone 8 but is still one of the largest phones you will see on the market. Its beautiful OLED display also has a better fingerprint reader. It provides one of the closest things to an Apple experience with Android. Not to mention, it’s built by HTC.

BlackBerry keyONE

The Blackberry keyONE comes with several advantages that can’t be beaten. In fact, it is one of the cheapest phones on the market with quality features. It has an actual keyboard, long battery life, and twin LEDs, with a fingerprint scanner. The phone looks quite different from the others, as it tends to attract more attention with the keyboard. With one of the largest SD cards around, you will notice that it is faster to type on that other smartphones.

What smartphone do you plan on getting? Comment below and let us know!

5 Technologies That Will Help Improve the Earth

With the growth of technology, the idea of exploration and teleportation is growing now more than ever. However, which the massive use of technology, some may affect the world in a negative way while others may have to potential to change the world.

Here are 5 technologies that will help improve the earth.

Organic Printing

Today, we can finally use 3D printers for ceramics, plastics, metals, and blends. However, the effort to print edible food is growing now more than ever with automated icing machines that are used for cakes. If we were able to print consumable items with the use of non-perishable materials, it would only mean that we have the opportunity to address world hunger and eliminate foodborne illnesses.

Artificial Intelligence Salting

One concept mentioned by author Klein is Artificial Intelligence salting. While this is not some sort of meal preparation, it does mean teach an AI to think like a human. The form of AI salting is mean to provide a deeper learning of human behavior and make computers think more like humans. If we are able to challenge to use of AI, we can discover the future of how we interact and use them in the future.

Advancement in Bio Engineering

With Google’s release of Bio-engineered mosquitoes working to destroy insects that carry sickness, the ability to create those insects will address problems that will create a major advantage to the environment. Bio-engineers life forms may offset the damage we as humans have already done to the planet and address global warming.

Wireless Power

Since Tesla started talking about the ability to broadcast power, the thought of not needing batteries will make electric cars, trains, planes, and electronics all the more reliable in the future. There is a new technology called Halo that will charge electric vehicles without having to use a plug.


With ultra-capacitor batteries, they can be charged almost instantly. On top of that, they are must lighter with better efficiency in cars due to their longer life style. Batteries that are able to charge instantly and produce more energy will make a huge step towards off-grid power.

What technology are you excited to see? Comment below and tell us what you think!

3 Ways to Prepare Your Company for Sales with AI

Since last year, more companies are looking to artificial intelligence features as a solution for their configure, price, and quote data. While it is just a single source of data, AI provides promise in the world of technology and business. If you are looking to prepare your sales, we’ve narrowed down a few strategies on how to get started.

Here are 3 ways to prepare your company for sales with AI.

Analyze Data

The company must sit down and understand what they need to do to ensure that their solutions in AI will generate the right process. Integrating data will help make decisions about the different weight in the decision-making process. Just don’t expect to use AI as a quick solution as you must understand data before AI can understand it.

Choose the Right Format

Businesses must ensure that the data used will be in the right format for the success of an AI solution. When you decide that some sets of data are too hard to combine with AI, you must put a stop on the project immediately to ensure that you will not make any incomplete or incorrect decisions. Once you discover the incorrect decisions, you will be able to correct them manually at a lower cost.

Strive for Commitment

As a team, your company will need to oversee the work that needs to be done even after the system is set in place. Just as you would with training or customer support, you will need to make adjustments to avoid the system from sliding into fault. Make sure the leaders stay alert and ensure that this task gets ultimate priority. After all, AI never stops to learn since business data continues to evolve and change.


Sales AI will help save time and more for sales people as well as improve productivity. Companies who plan to enable AI in the future will need to invest their time, money, and effort to set the right foundation for the AI solution that works for you.