5 Technologies That Will Help Improve the Earth

With the growth of technology, the idea of exploration and teleportation is growing now more than ever. However, which the massive use of technology, some may affect the world in a negative way while others may have to potential to change the world.

Here are 5 technologies that will help improve the earth.

Organic Printing

Today, we can finally use 3D printers for ceramics, plastics, metals, and blends. However, the effort to print edible food is growing now more than ever with automated icing machines that are used for cakes. If we were able to print consumable items with the use of non-perishable materials, it would only mean that we have the opportunity to address world hunger and eliminate foodborne illnesses.

Artificial Intelligence Salting

One concept mentioned by author Klein is Artificial Intelligence salting. While this is not some sort of meal preparation, it does mean teach an AI to think like a human. The form of AI salting is mean to provide a deeper learning of human behavior and make computers think more like humans. If we are able to challenge to use of AI, we can discover the future of how we interact and use them in the future.

Advancement in Bio Engineering

With Google’s release of Bio-engineered mosquitoes working to destroy insects that carry sickness, the ability to create those insects will address problems that will create a major advantage to the environment. Bio-engineers life forms may offset the damage we as humans have already done to the planet and address global warming.

Wireless Power

Since Tesla started talking about the ability to broadcast power, the thought of not needing batteries will make electric cars, trains, planes, and electronics all the more reliable in the future. There is a new technology called Halo that will charge electric vehicles without having to use a plug.


With ultra-capacitor batteries, they can be charged almost instantly. On top of that, they are must lighter with better efficiency in cars due to their longer life style. Batteries that are able to charge instantly and produce more energy will make a huge step towards off-grid power.

What technology are you excited to see? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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