Virtual Reality Gaming

– You don’t think they’re going to notice my super cool Band-Aid, right? Hey guys, this is Austin This is the Oculus Rift, and huge shout out to Oculus for sponsoring this video

It is mostly thanks to the Rift, the VR even exists today But what is virtual reality? People have been experimenting with VR experiences dating all the way back to the 50s, where things were, let’s just say, a little more creative than they are today Now you can fast forward to the 90s where Nintendo launched the Virtual Boy This wonderful headset, which spectacularly crashed and burned But, how does VR actually work? As Core virtual reality is all about giving you the most immersive experience possible

So think the holodeck from Star Trek and not the TV on your wall Now, that TV is a good example of what VR just isn’t Sure, with both of them you can watch video and play games, but with a TV, you’re limited by the size of that panel Where as with virtual reality, no matter where you look, as long as you have that headset on, you are completely immersed The Virtual Boy achieved this with some pretty basic tech

It uses a pair of single color displays, and two mirrors to flip back and forth incredibly fast, to give you a decent 3D effect But, being limited by 1995 technology meant that this was not a true VR experience Back in 2011, the first prototype for the Rift was completed, duct tape and all Now, what made this special, was that for the first time, a head-mounted display was paired with not only a 90 degree field of view that was wide enough to look convincing, but also motion tracking, to allow you to move your head in real life and translate it into the game You know, like in real life when I move my head left and right, the world stays with me

I remember back in 2013, where I first got to try not only an early prototype of the Rift, but also of EVE: Valkyrie I put the headset on, and I was transported into a cockpit of a spaceship, and a giant dog fight in the middle of space It was seriously one of the impressive tech moments I have ever seen Right afterwards, I walked out of the demo room, pulled my phone out, and pre-ordered my own Oculus dev kit Don’t get me wrong though, at this point, the tech was still very early

One of the biggest issues with the first dev kit was its fairly low resolution of 1280 by 800 It was enough to get the idea across, but the actual level of detail was really low at this point Fast forward to 2017, and VR as a whole has seen some huge improvements So take the Rift, for example Now, it has a pair of super high resolution 1080 by 1200 displays

One per eye We have a faster 90 hertz refresh rate, paired with being based on OLED, which eliminates a lot of the earlier issues with smoothness and persistence, which is important When the goal is total immersion, even a little stutter in a game can cause you to be totally ripped out of the experience There is a lot more tech inside, though The Rift headset is filled with infrared tracking dots, which paired with the sensor that it comes with, is able to track your head in full 3D space with a lot more detail than the original dev kit

Well there are some headsets, like PlayStation VR, which take advantage of a console, or things like Gear VR which actually use a mobile device, such as your smartphone, to be able to power them With the Oculus Rift, you are using a PC to power it There are several advantages here Most notably, you can have a ton of graphics horsepower to push not only the graphics, but also to keep that performance stable All of this tech is great, but the controllers are also important

Now, the Oculus does support the standard Xbox One game pad, which is fine for some games, but what really stands out, are the Oculus touch controllers You can think of these as an evolution of the original Wii remote Sure, they do have motion tracking, but what’s more impressive, is the fact that these will fully positionally track your hands, which will actually allow you to put your hands inside the games This is important A lot of games, such as The Climb, will use hand tracking in combination with the buttons to simulate actually climbing a cliff

It’s a neat effect, and can do a lot to add to the immersion And immersion really is the key to making sure the VR feels right So, you might be okay with a little glitch or stutter when you’re playing on a PC monitor, but when it comes to VR, you’re essentially tricking your brain into thinking that the game world is real There’s essentially no margin for error One of my favorite VR games is Job Simulator

This is a great example of how the touch controllers work So, you can see that my hands are completely one to one in the game If I reach over and pick up this cartridge, drop it in, it feels very realistic When you pair the Rift with the touch controllers, it really does give you an immersive experience So, when I look around this office building, it feels like I’m actually here

I can walk around I can move my head I can pick things up And it just feels right Plus, it lets you do some cool stuff like say, copy some resumes, just drop it on the copy machine, hit that, I can start brewing some coffee, start hitting buttons on my keyboard, answer the phone

I mean, this stuff is really cool It really does feel so natural, so simple I don’t even have to think about it I can just literally just reach over, hit something, done Next, we have Superhot VR

So, I have to stand very still, because as I move, time will actually start playing, and have to dodge it Okay, here we go, and, nope, no Get out of the way of that one And, grab it Grab it

Boom Dude, this is so much fun It is easy to forget, that just over eight years ago, consumer headsets like the Rift, weren’t even a thing, and this really only went on sale a year ago So there is a long way to go But, if you have not experienced virtual reality, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give it a try

So, what do you guys think about VR? Let me know on the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one

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REGULAR OLD ROBIN HOOD | Virtual Reality Archery

Today we’ll be looking into the world of Virtual Reality Archery and here to help us is funny ‘ol Jacksepticeye and his shooting bow and arrow! See transcript below.

*Whpsh* Top o’ the morning’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Bowslinger! Virtual Reality Archery And you know me, I love archery I’ve always wanted to play archery in VRs So, I’m so happy that there’s more VR games out there for archery- What the fuck are you guys? Okay, I got in and I thought that was a bit weird, the music playing I thought you looked a bit weird, little Baymax Cry looking Motherfuckers But then this, happens? What’s goin’ on? Okay, I need to pick up my bow There we go Where’re my arrows?? Spectator camera I don’t need a spectat- Wait How- how do I use you? How- Ohhh Oh weird What the fuck, is that my own face? Oh it is! Oh I can vlog again! *Imitates vlogging* *initiates lisp* Hello guys! Oh, sorry *laughs* I mean ah- Hey guys Morning Welcome to today’s vlog Today as you can see I’m out here on my ranch -That I bought with, all of my, archery money Yes it’s a very nice place We’re going to somet- oh wait Ohhh I didn’t put on my VR eyeliner today Goddammit Well I still look gorgeous guys I mean #nofilter Uhm, as you can see all my- Okay fuck that You will notice for this episode I don’t have shorts on And everyone kept sayin’ I, even though I explained it, that they were just shorts But because people, for some reason, had no idea that shorts could be that short They’re called shorts! Everyone was like *Imitates people* Oh, no, they’re underwear.

Jack just doesn’t know the difference Course I know the fuckin’ difference! They were slick shorts! They were like swimmin’ trunks that had the material of swimmin’ trunks Why would I use those as underwear? I’m very- very angry about this! Okay *Reads* Be as accurate as possible with A limited number of arrows Well yeah That’s how fuckin’ archery works Twelve arrows Okay Ugh Nice Is- is this it? I’m hittin’ one target? Oh wait.

Maybe it’ll change Ahh fuck! That’s what I get for talkin’ Aw yes Fuckin’ Willian Tell, up in this! Two arrows left Is it gonna change to a different target? Is- is that is? I have more arrows Okay, now I ran out of arrows Ahhh here we go, Okay I can do this Just believe in Legolas! What would Legolas do? He’d shoot them in the face, that’s what he’d do Nice! Look at these archery skills- wait Perfect form Ohh yeah Perfect form Ohh Yess! Perfect form! I don’t even- OHHH Fuckin’ archery in the Olympics Whaat? Fuckin’ send Jackaboy please I will be the best! -In the Olympics Wait till you see Watch Speed arrows ugh Oh yeah Oh hittin’ them all OWW Oh I smacked myself in the teeth with the controller strap OWW That hurt! Why controller? Why? Fuckin’ messin’ me up like that Ohhh I got zero times three What’s zero times three? Oh yeah It’s a big fat fuckin’ zero Thanks mom! Aw this thing Oh crap! I have one arrow Aww Nailed ‘im What did- What’s next? *WHISTLE TWEET* I didn’t do anything! I swear! Ah, Oh! Hi! I can get him C’mon! How- Ohhh I though- I- I’m five hundred sixty fifth? Yeah I do need a reality check *Laughs* Ohhkay Let’s go back and try something else Oh I love archery though! -In- in the rift.

Ahm No it’s not the rift, it’s the fuckin’ Vive What do I keep sayin’ that? This strap thing, Smacked me in the teeth Oww Oh, I need my bow *laughs* Let’s do a, challenge! Let’s do them all, actually Whatcha got? What kinda fuckin’ challenge have you got for Jackaboy? *”William Tell Overture – Finale” by Rossini plays* *Sings* Baba ba ba ba ba baaaa I don’t have a- oh! Grabby hands Listen to the music BAa ba ba ba *Sings The Lone Ranger music * That is William Tell, isn’t it? Where we goin’? POTS! Why am I knocking down pot? *Amazing singing of The Lone Ranger by Jack) AHH, I smacked myself in the teeth again! Fuckin’ St- Why do I do that? BOOSHK C’MON! You, fuckin’ hairy Jumbiliah Wh- where else? Where else? Blue- but- Fuck! YOU GAH FOR PULL! PULL! PULL! YES! LOOK AT DIS FUCKIN’ AIM WHY COULDN’T I DO THAT A MINUTE AGO?! Oh my god those are gigantic Like yo mama’s titties THE ARROWS DON’T FLY FAST ENOUGH There we go, fuckin’ fifty YEAH C’MON How am I supposed to hit those that fast? Like that, I guess Wha- Pooshk! Huh Oh I hit another one by accident C’MON FUCKIN’ MULTI ARROWS! CAN I HAVE MORE THAN ONE? *WHISTLE TWEET* *noise* SON-OF-A-BTCH HOW HOW DR MITTENS WHAT DA FUCK? *Laughs* Jimmy Pesto HaHA Reality Check -Gettin’ fifth on this one You SUCK Right Where am I goin’? I’m goin’ back out I don’t wanna do that again I don’t- no no I want to go back to the main menu please Where’d my bow go? Man *”William Tell Overture – Morning” by Rossini plays* *Sings* Do doooooo dododododododo doo I wanna do the playground Ah I smacked myself in the lip with the controller again It sucks.

I feel like I got bit in my own lip Um What? *Thunk thunk* What’s happening? Oh It’s just a playground Oh, that’s what the fucking juggling one is Ohh and I’m already juggling Yaaah Okay, right in the middle *Thunks continue* DOES THAT LOOK LIKE THE MIDDLE? THERE WE GO Fifty times two You could just say it’s a hundred H-h- I don’t- Oh! Ah, here we go Why aren’t my arrows showin’ up here anymore? Why is it in, confusing mode now? Simple mode was much better Please Can I have that back? Look at these sons of bitches Oh, I will, I will fuckin’ murder you all! RIGHT IN YOUR FACE Right between his eyes Watch this Watch Are you watchin’? YOU WEREN’T WATCHIN’ THAT’S WHY I’ll fff- I’ll come to your house Oh wait, I have to lock my bow for this Nope

I don’t It’s just being an asshole BOOSHK Can I have my arrow back? *Laughs* Yay I got my arrow back Hih Goddammit How are you supposed to hit the tiny apples? How are you supposed to hit the tiny apples? God fucking dammit man Hih That’s too hard Look! Don’t judge me with your little testicle mouths Yeah Now you’re all dead How do you feel about that? Betcher not too thrilled about being dead, are ya? I wouldn’t be if I was one of you guys My fuckin’ arrow bounced off the target It’s doing the fundamental thing that arrows are supposed to do which is stick in shit It’s not doing it, I mean Fuck you apples I see you judging me I wish I could fucking stick it to a wall Kay, let’s get these guys Okay, too far Too far guys? hold on! IMMA GET YOU, OKAY? JUST HOLD ON STAY THERE DON’T DO IT! If you do, do a flip Egh C’mon man I’m better than this I better than this There- there we go It’s so annoying having to reach behind your head I mean ten year old me would have been like “Holy shit this is awesome” And you know what? twenty six year old me is pretty much saying the same thing, but I would much prefer the other method that I was using already That seemed to be working pretty fine, but now doesn’t You know what? Imma vlog this.

Imma vlog this shenanigans How do- how do- there we go, there we go Guys, I- I don’t know what to say Are- are you seeing this shit? Okay Imma set- Imma set up the camera so you guys can see the type of bullshit that’s going on, okay? Oh-Okay? Okay, ah I’m going to set it up here Behind me Oh, a nice over the shoulder shot How- how good do I look when I aim? Are you serious? Are you fuckin’ Sirius Black right now? Stay there Stay there and watch me Watch me, watch me do *Thunk thunk* You- STOP MOVING It fucking goes back to default That’s it- that’s it You know what? I’m not vlogging anymore Vlogging channel is over I can’t hit these dudes I CAN’T HIT THESE DUDES GET HIM *Thunk thunk* GET HIM Ugh C’MON MAN I have to- I have to kill the three dudes I have to kill the three dudes or I’m not gonna be happy I am not gonna be happy I am not going to be able to sleep tonight, knowing that these three dudes are still alive *Dude groans* YES RIGHT IN HIS FACE Did you see that? Did you? Ooo, I have a little green hat on Awesome Makes a difference from the green hair and OOSHK Kay Got the target at least Ahh Ooshk I SAID OOSHK God, that was awful Urh Fuckin’ got him right in his testies This is hard I don’t like this This is hard as making apple pie YESS OHH, OHH, OHH I DID IT Ohh, dance fuckin’ central up in this You want an apple? Who wants apples? You fuckin’ hit one apple with another apple Come- come here Come here apples Come here apples! I fuckin’- I’ll kill everybody with apples Is there somebody I can throw an apple at? I want to- Oh god, I’m gonna hit my light again if I’m not careful *Laughs* I keep hittin’ my light when I play VR Huh God, those go far Look at this *High pitched singing* *”Duel of the Fates” by John Williams* Huh Yes USE, THE FORCE HAH Urgh Fuckin’ eh Eh They don’t even break anything Well it feels cool to be able to summon them like that Let’s juggle Da duh da da I can’t juggle in real life Why’d I think I’d be able to do it in VR? I hate this.

I’m going home I’m stayin’ at Steve’s house YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD Okay Well that does it for this video on Bowstring VR Archery Oh It makes your face all itchy and red because of the heat and the sweatness Oh god Despite how simplistic that was, It was really, really fun The actual bow controls feel really nice- And I- I haven’t seen a game kinda mess that up yet Usually when they have an actual bow and an arrow, It- it feels pretty damn good Uhm And it- The only thing about it’s really hard to aim in VR with stuff like that Like holding the bow up to your face, You can’t hold it directly up like this because you’re off to the side because your VR headset gets in the way So that’s why I keep doing like this And firing that way, but of course I’ve-, I don’t know archery I don’t archery in real life so I don’t know if it’s actually accurate to that It feels pretty good though It feels like when you actually let go of stuff It feels like it has some nice force feedback and the controllers vibrate in your hand when you’re holding the string tight So that- that’s a really nice effect I wish more games, did that kinda stuff where- You actually had feedback in your hand because one of the problems with VR is that When you have controllers in your hand There’s no weight to anything.

There’s no- Everything feels the same weight cause it’s all in the controllers So having that force feedback actually gives you a little bit of- It makes you feel tension in stuff Being able to like hold things I dunno The- the the little vibrations in the controllers actually make it feel really good Uhm What else about the game? It’s visually very nice The actual like asthetics of it, the colours and everything are very nice, but Another thing you have to keep in mind when you’re watching these VR videos is that What I’m recording on the screen right now, comes out super clear It’s a like- It’s an actual like HD image But what you’re seeing in this [the headset] still has that screen door effect If you don’t know what that is, it’s like holding up a mesh in front of your eyes Great example So at- at distance- when stuff is right in front of you it’s easy to see But when stuff is in the distance, it gets very blurry, very quickly And I’ve said this in some other games as well that it’s very hard to aim at stuff when it’s in the distance so VR is not all there yet VR still has a long way to go And this needs to be updated again We need somethin’ that actually feels like a flat image on screen inside the headset and that’s a really long way off Because Aha- being able to eliminate the ability to see the pixels, so to speak Is going to be really really hard It’s going to require some really high-tech technology and still like make it like responsive when you move your head around So, we- we might be waitin’ a long time for that still, but These are some really great- That’s the- that’s the thing about it as well, is they don’t feel like games They feel like demos It feels like you keep buying demos The only thing that felt like an actual game so far was Job Simulator It felt like a- a fully fleshed out realised thing before you actually got into the headset at all So I’m- It- I was really impressed with that and a lot of people seemed to be impressed with that because it’s like the most popular VR thing I’ve done Uhm Everything else kinda feels like you get in, you’re playing some levels, but it feels like somethin’ that- Is leading to bigger tech Is leading to a bigger game later on Like this This isn’t a game This is just like a little practice range.

It feels like a little tech demo to play So I wanna see more fleshed out games I want to see some more fully realised games like Job Simulator that use VR to it’s max potential ‘Cause that had It eliminated the- a- the The problem of walkin’ around Walkin’ around it something they have to figure out as well -In games, but Job Simulator did a good job because It It used the space that it had It- it was in like a tiny little cubicle, but pressing buttons changed a bunch of shit in there So it was really really clever so It- Th- Controls are- are a big thing Being able to walk around and everything so I dunno We- we’re still a long way off from like the really fully awesome experiences But These are a good start I really enjoy playing them, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love getting into VR anytime I love it so much I love VR I- I’m going to keep playing VR games for a very long time to come and try and push it to the masses as much as possible because I feel like VR is a very good step forward for video gaming It’s not going to replace mouse and keyboard or sitting on the couch with a controller type gaming But I feel like it’s a good evolution for it Because everyone keeps comparing it to 3D TVs Which is not fair because 3D TVs were a gimmick You got in- you did it- you looked at it for a while and then you were like ugh Doesn’t really add anything This fundamentally changes how you play a game if it’s implemented properly.

So, I really look forward to that But anyway, I’m rambling THANK YOU GUYS so much for watching this episode If you LIKED it- PUNCH that Like Button in the face! LIKE A BOSS! And High fives all around WHPSH WHPSH THANK YOU GUYS AND I WILL SEE ALL YOU DUDES IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! *”I’m Everywhere” by Teknoaxe plays* I love this door This is my best door Ohh, Muah.

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4 Alternatives to the iPhone 8 You Might Want to Consider

Not sure if you should get the latest model of Apple’s iPhone series? With the coming iPhone 8 likely to cost more than many are willing to pay, there are other options of luxury to consider. In this guide, we will discuss some of the top phones that may have more quality status than the iPhone.

Here 4 alternatives to the iPhone 8 you might want to consider.

Samsung Note 7

While Samsung gained a poor reputation after the Note7’s overheating problem, the Note 8 promises to provide a better experience with larger screens for less than the price of the iPhone 8. The Note 8 comes fully equipped with a stylus quality camera and a fingerprint sensor. Its OLED display will easily compare to sheer competition to Apple’s market line.

Hydrogen one

While the Hydrogen One won’t be available until the beginning of 2018, it might be a great smartphone to wait for. Made by the same company that created the Red Camera, this Android phone is proven to have the best camera ever used on a phone. The Hydrogen One also has a 3D display that won’t require glasses. This smartphone option is for anyone who wants to take professional pictures while on the go.

Pixel 2 XL

Google’s Pixel2 is quite smaller than the iPhone 8 but is still one of the largest phones you will see on the market. Its beautiful OLED display also has a better fingerprint reader. It provides one of the closest things to an Apple experience with Android. Not to mention, it’s built by HTC.

BlackBerry keyONE

The Blackberry keyONE comes with several advantages that can’t be beaten. In fact, it is one of the cheapest phones on the market with quality features. It has an actual keyboard, long battery life, and twin LEDs, with a fingerprint scanner. The phone looks quite different from the others, as it tends to attract more attention with the keyboard. With one of the largest SD cards around, you will notice that it is faster to type on that other smartphones.

What smartphone do you plan on getting? Comment below and let us know!

5 Technologies That Will Help Improve the Earth

With the growth of technology, the idea of exploration and teleportation is growing now more than ever. However, which the massive use of technology, some may affect the world in a negative way while others may have to potential to change the world.

Here are 5 technologies that will help improve the earth.

Organic Printing

Today, we can finally use 3D printers for ceramics, plastics, metals, and blends. However, the effort to print edible food is growing now more than ever with automated icing machines that are used for cakes. If we were able to print consumable items with the use of non-perishable materials, it would only mean that we have the opportunity to address world hunger and eliminate foodborne illnesses.

Artificial Intelligence Salting

One concept mentioned by author Klein is Artificial Intelligence salting. While this is not some sort of meal preparation, it does mean teach an AI to think like a human. The form of AI salting is mean to provide a deeper learning of human behavior and make computers think more like humans. If we are able to challenge to use of AI, we can discover the future of how we interact and use them in the future.

Advancement in Bio Engineering

With Google’s release of Bio-engineered mosquitoes working to destroy insects that carry sickness, the ability to create those insects will address problems that will create a major advantage to the environment. Bio-engineers life forms may offset the damage we as humans have already done to the planet and address global warming.

Wireless Power

Since Tesla started talking about the ability to broadcast power, the thought of not needing batteries will make electric cars, trains, planes, and electronics all the more reliable in the future. There is a new technology called Halo that will charge electric vehicles without having to use a plug.


With ultra-capacitor batteries, they can be charged almost instantly. On top of that, they are must lighter with better efficiency in cars due to their longer life style. Batteries that are able to charge instantly and produce more energy will make a huge step towards off-grid power.

What technology are you excited to see? Comment below and tell us what you think!

3 Ways to Prepare Your Company for Sales with AI

Since last year, more companies are looking to artificial intelligence features as a solution for their configure, price, and quote data. While it is just a single source of data, AI provides promise in the world of technology and business. If you are looking to prepare your sales, we’ve narrowed down a few strategies on how to get started.

Here are 3 ways to prepare your company for sales with AI.

Analyze Data

The company must sit down and understand what they need to do to ensure that their solutions in AI will generate the right process. Integrating data will help make decisions about the different weight in the decision-making process. Just don’t expect to use AI as a quick solution as you must understand data before AI can understand it.

Choose the Right Format

Businesses must ensure that the data used will be in the right format for the success of an AI solution. When you decide that some sets of data are too hard to combine with AI, you must put a stop on the project immediately to ensure that you will not make any incomplete or incorrect decisions. Once you discover the incorrect decisions, you will be able to correct them manually at a lower cost.

Strive for Commitment

As a team, your company will need to oversee the work that needs to be done even after the system is set in place. Just as you would with training or customer support, you will need to make adjustments to avoid the system from sliding into fault. Make sure the leaders stay alert and ensure that this task gets ultimate priority. After all, AI never stops to learn since business data continues to evolve and change.


Sales AI will help save time and more for sales people as well as improve productivity. Companies who plan to enable AI in the future will need to invest their time, money, and effort to set the right foundation for the AI solution that works for you.